Drinks & Movies, Movies & Drinks

I have been working my lil butt off.

Which is a good thing for the wallet, but leaves little time for funsies. Sunday was a rare day off for both Kristopher and me though. It was treated as an anniversary celebration of sorts (we began dating roughly 5 years ago, around the March16, a day we randomly chose as far as I can remember). I won’t go into detail, as I’ve done many times before, but those five years have been interrupted on a few occasions – mainly the year I was in Germany. But that’s another story.

We had dinner at Cocoa Moon, which is this strange Mexican/Thai fusion place in Market Square. Had some Pommy Margees, as Kris put it.


Had a romp around Urban Outfitters, and THEN saw Grand Budapest Hotel!!!! Which we LOVED. It may seriously be my new favorite film.


It was so very Wes Anderson, but I was surprised at how gory it was…I mean there was a lot more violence than the usual. But all around, so charming. Loved the story within a story within a story, and loved the stories themselves. ALSO -THAT UNDER THE SKIN PREVIEW. HOLY CRAP. SCARLET JOHANSSON IN A VERY STANLEY KUBRICK-ESQUE FILM. ACK.Image

But enough gushing. Since then I’ve worked nonstop, which honestly I can’t complain about. I love hanging out and making coffee and it requires little to no focus. Just physically exhausting. But alas, tis Winesday Wednesday and tomorrow I am off. There shall be drinking…

Cheers, skål, prost



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