Birthday Shenanigans

How have we made it to the weekend again already?

First off, I’d like to throw out a big thank you to the universe as this was the best birthday I’ve had in a very long time. Cheers to 24! Although the day itself was rather laid back, last weekend was amazing. And ridiculous to say the least.

Didn’t end up wearing that dress I ordered from H&M…their size guide told me to get a 12. Either I can’t measure accurately or they’re crazy because it was like a midi-length nightgown. I found this one at Forever 21 last minute:


Here’s the detail on the body


So I think it worked out.

Kris and I ended up spending Saturday eating Tomato Head noms and roaming around Nostalgia, a cute antique and vintage store in Bearden, before kicking off the birthday pub crawl at Suttree’s around 9:00. NOTE: I’ve never been one too have extravagant birthday events for myself, so I found myself sort of nervous that just no one would show up? Stupid, but the first half hour when we were there alone was tedious. But of course, they trickled in. Before I knew it we were fifteen deep and heading for the Old City. At this point I was in good position to finish the night late and strong.

Friends tend to buy you shots on your birthday like it’s their right and duty, regardless of whether or not it’s your third fireball shot in the past fifteen minutes. (To me that’s a ton because I never ever take shots). Then Brenna came & blessed me with my first Irish car bomb and “buttery nipple”? Whatever the hell that was. And after that I was very thankful Kristopher was taking care of me, the roles reversed for once. We had a street hotdog and went home. Bless his heart.

The actual day of my birth I went to an architecture open house on campus, but that’s another story. Also got a parking ticket. Happy Birthday, Lindsay. Love, UT.


I’ll save the Architecture stuff for another time. For now, Cheers.





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