Preparations Commence

So after a very flustered start to the day (our water was turned off at the house because we’re having our bathroom remodeled), I finally settled in at work. Funny how making coffees can calm your nerves.

I made some birthday plans as the 31st is fast approaching. I’ve never done the whole “birthday pub crawl” thing. Not even on my 21st. I think the most I’ve done is a house party. But dangit I want one, so I made an event for next Saturday. 🙂 Obviously the first order of business was finding something to wear. I ordered this from H&M literally just now whilst sitting in a nearly empty coffee shop.


It’s quite short and loose and flowy and I think it’ll go nicely with my new attempted style direction. I’ll pair it with these western-esque ankle boots I got a bit ago from Forever 21 (They’re still available).


I’m considering wearing a big black hat with it, but I don’t wanna be that girl that bad. I dunno, it kind does make the outfit.


In other news, I’ve been mulling over the idea of grad school, particularly Architecture more and more. As I do best, I’ve stalked a trillion architecture blogs, both image/inspiration based and first person experience based, and I’m getting more into it. I’ve rsvp’d to the Architecture department’s spring orientation, which just happens to be on my birthday, the 31st. A sign? or just inconvenient…?

I’m excited.