The Ferris Wheel has once again begun its slow ascent.

Well I just deleted around 50 posts from 2009 on this page and completely redid everything.


Now then…


I’ve never been happy with my various blogs. I’m beginning to think that may be due to the fact I’ve made nothing of them besides a rambling diary. I can’t even stand to hear myself go on about nothingness for that long.

So while I will probably continue to indulge a bit more than I maybe should in writing about myself, I intend to post more topical content. Let’s say it will revolve around fashion, art, and architecture. All things aesthetically pleasing.

I add architecture because I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to go to grad school. Although I’ve about decided that I definitely need to do that, I can’t exactly decide what for. I mean to say, I don’t really know with certainty what I want to study…what I want a MASTERS degree in. But I’ve considered architecture. It’s been heavy on my mind. So if nothing else, I will be researching it a lot in the months to come and it will end up bleeding onto here.


Alright then enough for now, cheers.